🌍1.5 License Acquisition

How to obtain License Acquisition about Get3D Mapper.

Enter the software interface, click the User icon in the upper right corner to enter the Authorization Center interface. On the left side of the interface, you can choose to log in the account registered on the official website to bind the license information under the account name. On the right side of the interface, you can choose the way to get the license.

1.5.1 Trail Version Permission Acquisition

Select Trial Version on the right menu bar to get the trial version license. Before experiencing the trial version license, you need to log in your Get3D account. If you haven't registered yet, you can go to the official website www.get3d.ai to register. For the logged-in account, you can bind a machine to experience the software license for 30 days. It should be noted that the trial version can create and edit projects unlimited times during the 30-day license period, but each project can only import less than or equal to 5000 images for modeling. For users of the Standard version, there is no limit to the number of images that can be imported, and a single project can import more than 100,000 images for modeling.

1.5.2 Standard Version Permission Acquisition

The right menu bar selects Standard Version, and there are two sources of permission acquisition to choose from. Account Login Mode

By selecting the account login mode on the left, you can login to your registered Get3D account to get all the historical license information about Get3D Mapper software under that account. The available license information includes the license ID, the activation status of the ID, the valid of the license period, and the expiration date. The above information is expanded as a list, and the licenses that are already bound to the machine are placed at the top of the list. Select the license you want to bind and click the Activate button in the lower left corner to activate the license. Activation means that the license under this account is bound to the machine code. The license validity period starts from the moment the machine code is bound.For users who have successfully logged in to their account and bound the authorization information, you can view the validity and expiration date of the license, the type of license and the license method on the interface. License Document Mode

By choosing the License document mode on the right, you can carry out the license binding without logging into the account by exporting the machine code of this machine, going to the official website www.get3d.ai to convert the machine code into a license code, importing the license code and activating the code. The above operations are clearly indicated in order on the interface, and you can copy, import, etc. by clicking the buttons on the right side of each step.Similarly, for users who activate the license code successfully, they can check the validity and expiration date, license type and lciense method of the authorization on the interface.

1.5.3 License Information Management

For users who have already purchased the official version of the license, you can go to the official website personal center to view the complete license information and purchase history orders.

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