3.8 How to export annotations on Get3D Cloud

After the annotation group, click the Export button to export all selected annotations.

Export formats

GeoJSON (WGS84): The file is exported in GeoJSON format. It exports the properties of each of the different types of annotations in the correct units, the tag and description (if exists), the color, creation, and modified date, and whether the annotation is set to visible or not. For each of the annotations, there is a geometry part including the coordinates in WGS84 lat, long, and Z.

Shapefile (WGS84):

The file formats inside a SHP are:

.shp: The main file that stores the feature geometry.

.shx: The index file that stores the index of the feature geometry.

.dbf: The dBASE table that stores the attribute information of features.

.prj: The file that stores the coordinate system information. WGS84 or project coordinate system.

DXF:CAD data format, export file as relative coordinates.

KML(WGS84:KML files are mainly for storing, sharing and browsing geospatial data. A KML file usually contains a root element, and a number of sub-elements. These sub-elements may include various attributes of the geospatial data.

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