2.3 Setting Up Devices on a Local Area Network (LAN)

2.3.1 Why Set Up a LAN?

The real-time image transmission for drone surveys has two parts:

Drone to Remote Controller (Get3d Reaction APP): The DJI M3E drone's built-in O3+ module handles this wireless transmission.

Remote Controller to Modeling Computer: Users need to set up a local Wi-Fi network (LAN) on-site for this connection. Currently, it uses short-range UDP and TCP protocols.

2.3.2 How to Set Up a LAN

To ensure smooth real-time transmission of drone images for processing, you'll need a local Wi-Fi network (LAN). Here are some devices you can use to set one up:

l Wireless network adapters

l Mobile phone Wi-Fi hotspots

For detailed instructions on setting up a LAN with each device, refer to section

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