4.2 APP Interface Introduction

1.Flight Status Display

Displays the current flight status of the drone.

2. Real-time Modeling Project Name Display

Displays the name of the currently active real-time modeling project.

3. Drone GPS Satellite Lock Count Display

Shows the number of GPS satellites the drone is currently locked onto.

4. Device Status Display

Displays the following device status information:

5. Project Connection Status Display

Indicates whether the remote controller and the modeling laptop are connected to the same local area network (LAN). If the connection is interrupted, an error message will be displayed.

6. Aerial Survey Data Transmission Status Monitoring

Monitors the status of aerial survey data transmission:

Β· Manual capture: Number of manual capture commands sent (records the number of capture commands triggered by pressing the capture button on the remote controller or setting a capture interval in the app)

Β· Auto capture: Number of images captured by the drone

Β· App Received: Number of captured images received in real-time by the Get3d Reaction mobile app

Β· Project Received: Number of captured images received in real-time by the Get3d Reaction PC software

7. Capture Interval Setting

The app allows users to set the capture interval for sending capture commands to the drone. The supported capture interval range is 1-10 seconds per image.

8. Capture Command

After setting the capture interval in step 7, click this button to send timed capture commands to the drone at the specified interval. This feature is primarily used for circular flight and manual flight scenarios.

9. Start Reconstruction Button

Once the drone has completed image capture and the Get3d Reaction PC software has confirmed that it has received all captured data, click this button to start the 3D reconstruction process on the Get3d Reaction PC software.

10. View Interface Switching

The default view interface displays the drone's FOV (field of view) video feed. Click this button to switch to the map interface, which shows the drone's current location information.

11. Drone Flight Status Information

This area displays the following drone flight status information:

Β· Horizontal distance from the drone's current position to the return-to-home point

Β· Drone's horizontal and vertical speed

Β· Horizontal distance from the drone to the remote controller

Β· Current relative flight altitude

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