2 Plan Your Drone Flight

Using DJI Pilot for Flight Planning.

  1. Access the Flight Planning Menu: On the DJI Pilot app, tap on the "Flight Route" icon and choose "Photogrammetry Flight."

2.Define Flight Area: On the map interface, draw and edit the boundaries of the area you want to capture for photogrammetry.

3.Configure Flight Parameters: Once the flight area is defined, navigate to the "Parameter Settings" panel on the right side of the remote controller screen. Systematically set each parameter according to your specific photogrammetry mission requirements.

Recommended Photogrammetry Parameters:

Select the drone model๏ผš

Flight Height: Set theโ€œRoute Altitudeโ€ ใ€Safe Takeoff Altitudeโ€.

To prevent drone crashes, follow these guidelines for route planning and operation:

Plan a safe route: Consider the terrain and obstacles in the survey area. Set the flight height to 1.5 times the height of the tallest object to ensure ample clearance.

Suggestion: The two Altitude values are consistent to avoid safety accidents.

Setting Return To Home:

Side Overlap: Set the side overlap to 80%. This ensures sufficient image overlap for effective 3D reconstruction, capturing detailed information from different angles.

Forward Overlap: Set the forward overlap to 70%. This provides adequate overlap between images along the flight path, ensuring complete coverage of the target area without unnecessary redundancy.

Maintain signal strength: Ensure real-time signal transmission throughout the flight. Based on the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise's transmission capabilities and the terrain features, establish an appropriate survey range. Maintain a minimum of two signal bars during data acquisition. (Refer to the diagram for DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise's transmission performance.)

4.After setting the photogrammetry parameters, upload the flight path to the drone using the drone controller.

Click the Save button to save the route parameter settings.

Click theโ€œCreate-Area-Routeโ€ button to upload the planned route to the drone

Turn on โ€œMax Flight Distanceโ€ button.

Click the start button and the drone will automatically take off and execute the course.

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