2.3 File Menu

File menu mainly includes the following functions: Open File, Open Folder, Add 3DTiles Service, Open Recent, Save, Reload, Settings, Quit.

Open File

This function allows the user to select and load a local 3D model file from the computer.

Get3D Viewer can read the following formats including

project files (.dav, .dvp),

model files (.osgb, .obj, .stl, .ply, .fbx, .json, .gltf, .glb, .b3dm, .3ds, .dosgb, .mfb),

vector files (.kml, .shp),

image files (.tif),

LAS cloud(.las, .xlas).

Users can open model files by browsing the file path or dragging and dropping the files onto the software interface.

Open Folder

This feature allows the user to select a folder containing multiple OSGB files.

The software will automatically load all supported files in the folder, making it easy for users to batch view and manage models.

Add 3DTiles Service

Add the online 3DTiles URL in the Add 3Dtiles service interface to load and display 3DTiles data.

Please note that the loading and viewing of 3DTiles data can be affected by a variety of factors, including the size of the data set, the speed of the network, and the performance of the platform or software. If you experience loading problems or display anomalies, please check that the URL is correct and the network connection is stable.

Open Recent

This feature lists the project file that the user has recently opened.

This feature allows users to quickly reopen recently used project file to improve work efficiency.


This function saves the user's changes or annotations to the current 3D model.

The user can create a new project file (.dvp) and choose to save the changes to the original project file.


This function is used to Reload the model index or scene data in the software.


This feature provides cache management for the software.

Users can choose to clear all or part of the cached data. The cleanup operation deletes locally stored cache files to free up disk space.


This function is used to close the Start menu or exit the Get3D Viewer software.

Selecting Close will return you to the main interface of the software or exit the software completely.

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