1.5 Shortcut Keys Guide

In Get3D Viewer 3D viewing software, shortcut keys are important tools to improve operation efficiency. The following are some common shortcut keys and their corresponding functionsKeys Guide

β€œNumber 1”: Texture Mode Switch. This switches the display mode of the model, highlighting its texture details.

β€œNumber 2”: Wireframe mode toggle. This mode renders the model as a wireframe, making it easy to view its structure and outline.

β€œNumber 3”: Toggles the display of the back side. Enabling this function displays the back side of the model, which helps to understand the overall structure of the model.

β€œNumber 4”: Mesh Mode Toggle. Toggles to Grid Mode, which displays the model as grid lines for easy measurement and analysis.

β€œNumber 5”: Lock vertical axis. Lock the vertical axis of the model to keep it in the vertical direction when rotating or moving.

β€œNumber 6”: Pan. Allows you to pan the view in the scene without affecting the rotation or scaling of the model.

β€œSpace”: Resets the view. Resets the view to its default state, restoring the original viewpoint and zoom level.

β€œF1”: Point Labeling. Allows you to create point annotations on the model to mark specific locations or key information.

β€œF2”: Line Annotation. Draws lines on the model to indicate distances, directions, or connections.

β€œF3”: Face Labeling. Creates polygonal area labels on the model for highlighting specific areas or for area analysis.

β€œF4”: Check Edit. Allows you to select and edit elements in the model, such as moving, rotating or scaling.

β€œF11”: Full Screen Mode. Switches the view to full screen mode to maximize the display of the model. Press Esc to exit full screen mode.

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