2.3 FAQ

Can l use Get3D Cloud for free?

All new users are entitled to a 1-month free trial.

What is digital point?

Digital points are used to cover costs incurred during data processing (e.g.3D rescontruction),where 1 photo costs0.4 points, 800 digital points are issued immediately after registration.

Can l purchase just one month?

Get3D Cloud subscriptions are renewed month-to-month or on a yearly basis. They can be canceled at any timebefore the renewal date.

When do digital points expire?

Currently, digital points packages are vaild for 1 year and will be automatically emptied if not used within 1 yearfrom the date of purchase. Without sufficient packages, modeling tasks will not be possible.

What is storage package?

The data files you upload and process will be stored in Get3D Cloud's server storage space, including:

What do l do when l run out of storage space?

1.Expand your space by purchasing storage packages.

2. Delete files you no longer need to free up more free space.

What are the payment options?

Get3D Cloud currently accepts Pay Pal.

Can l get a refund after purchase?

We allowed refunds on a pro-rata basis for use within seven days of purchase, but no refunds will be given beyondthat.

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