1.3 Product Features

Get3D Viewer is available free of charge and supports a wide range of 3D file formats, providing various of convenient and efficient ways to open 3D Models.

Fast response for large data

No need to add indxes manually and quickly load 3D models.

Supports multiple model opening methods

Get3D Viewer supports many file formats, including project files (.dav, .dvp), model files (.osgb, .obj, .stl, .ply, .fbx, .json, .gltf, .glb, .b3dm, .3ds, .dosgb, .mfb), vector files (.kml, .shp), and image files (.tif).

Dual-View Data Comparison

It allows the user to visualize, compare and analyze the same area reconstructed at different times.

Custom HD Video Output

Get3D Viewer not only provides efficient model loading and browsing functions, but also features path roaming and HD video output, which brings users better visual experience.

  • Customizing Roaming Path

    Users can customize the roaming paths according to their needs. By setting the flight paths, the software is able to display the 3D models smoothly according to the preset paths, providing users with an immersive roaming experience. Whether in urban planning, architectural design or other fields, this feature helps users better understand and present 3D spatial data.

  • HD Video Output

    To further satisfy users' presentation needs, Get3D Viewer supports HD video output. Users can follow a customized roaming path to output high-definition and smooth video files. This feature breaks through the limitations of traditional display resolutions and ensures the output video files are extremely clear and smooth.

Color Adjustment

Applies colour and lighting adjustments to the model to ensure optimal display in various application scenarios.

Model Precision Check using Control Points

Users to verify the accuracy of the model using external checkpoints and generate detailed accuracy reports.

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where model accuracy must be ensured, such as urban planning, terrain analysis,architectural design, and other fields.

3D Label

This tool enables users to easily mark important points, lines, and polygons, and add descriptions for clear and intuitive building marking.Users can quickly locate and view points by marking them.


Get3D Vierwer provides users with a variety of measurements to meet their different needs in geographic information analysis.

Tile Management

The user selects a specific set of tiles based on certain conditions or areas.

Tile management is often used to divide large maps or models into smaller, more manageable and editable parts.

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